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Sephora – Targeted Eye Remover Swabs

wpid-collage_20150807214213790_20150807214336209.jpgI do not wear a lot of eye makeup most of the time, but if you read my earlier posts, you’ll notice I do love Clio Kill Brown and Kill Black liquid eye liner, its Shadow Pencil and Gelpresso. These are long lasting, waterproof, eye products that stays for at least 6 to 8 hours a day, and I have also previously mentioned in my post that Bioderma may not be able to remove them as easily. So here I am reviewing the disposable and highly convenient swaps that would, definitely, help you remove that thin eye liner that is so close to your lash line, and to enable you to have quick fixes to remove that accidental stroke of liner or shadow around your eyes!

About the Product

I love Sephora’s house brands, in particular its cleansing products such as Triple Cleansing Water and wipes. They are effective, hydrating and convenient. In fact, second washes are not required! This particular product is interesting because the cleansing solution is already packed in the plastic tubing of the cotton swap. All you have to do is to break at the point where you see the blue line, and the cleansing solution will soak through the cotton swap on the other end. The product is gentle and moisturizing and cleans effectively and quickly. You can check out the ingredient’s list which I’ve shown in the picture in this blog.

Using the Product

Take out a swap, break at the blue line and let the solution soak the cotton swap at the opposite end. Run the soaked cotton swap over the liners, shadows, little mistakes you make and voila! You can move on! There is no need to wipe the same spot with water etc. This product does not cause outbreaks (I didn’t experience any irritation or allergies etc), and doesn’t sting. The solution feels like one of those oil-water removers that you would have bought for eye and lip makeup remover.

Where to Buy the Product

Only at Sephora! Of course, a cheaper option is to dip your cotton swaps into the oil-water eye and lip makeup removers, but I find this a lot more convenient and fuss free. Especially if you need to have a quick refresh of your eye make up!

Skincare Tip – Daily Skin Care Essentials (Part I)

Hello lovelies, I am going to share with you my personal list of skincare essentials that I must have these days. I will break the post into a few parts so that its not too long to read. The weather in Singapore has been hot and humid, as well as rather unpredictable these couple of weeks with heavy rain in one moment, and scorching heat the next. Methinks the temperature can go as high at 34 or 35 degrees celsius? Anyway, not the best time to bathe in the sun these days.

My Essentials – Cleansing

Everyone who wants to have good skin knows that cleansing our facial skin is very important step of our daily skincare regime.  If I am wearing makeup, I will first use a mild makeup remover to remove the cosmetics (ie Sephora’s Triple Action Cleansing Water or Bioderma Sensibio Micellar Water). The makeup remover will take away the facial oils that has surfaced as well as the compounds of our foundation etc that is left after a long day.  Once that is done, I will wash my face with my favourite amino acid based cleanser, Shiseido’s Senka Perfect Whip Foam which foams up into such fine bubbles that could clean the pores more effectively, together with my trusty Clarisonic. Rinse off after 1 min on Clarisonic, and you’ll have that smooth skin that feels so clean!

About Amino Acid

Those who have been following my blog for a while will know that I have problem skin. I have chosen amino acid based cleansers because they work best with problem skin and causes less irritation. From Love to Know,”Amino acids, at their essence, are peptides. These are proteins, which can have a positive effect upon cells. They can help improve skin that has been scarred or has stretch marks. When used correctly, amino acids seem to be more powerful than an alpha-hydroxy system of skin care in terms of filling lines, smoothing skin and improving tone and color. Even better, they can achieve this with less irritation and photosensitivity.”  From Ping of Health, “Amino acids are today recognized by the skin-care fraternity as the cleansing agent that boasts a pH value that is closest to that of the human skin. Amino acids behave very much like our skin cells; they get a “fever” if temperature exceeds 37 degree Celsius and they will “shrink” if the temperature drops. The enzymes in our epidermis or outer skin thrives best in a mildly acidic environment, as this enables normal metabolism of the horny layer. Such an environment causes only minimal agitation to the keratin protein in the skin, hence will not trigger any concern of skin allergy. It also discourages the production of acne.

Some may find such cleansers to be drying but for combination skin (normal to oily), it worked wonderfully and I have been using it for the last 3 years!

What about your cleansing routine? Did it help you address your skincare concerns?

Fakes – My brush with fake Bioderma Sensibio

Remember the last time you bought something really cheap online, thinking that you have scored a bargain with your haul? I made a shocking discovery recently so I thought I should alert all beauty junkies like me who would at times take the risk to buy something cheap online.

I bought a batch of 4 bottles of Sensibio from a vendor six months back from an online shop. There was a 1 for 1 sale and I thought, geez… thats really good deal! So i placed the order and you can imagine how thrilled I was when they arrived.

Fast forward 6 months later, I finally finished my bottle of Bioderma Sensibio that i had purchased at retail price from local pharmacy. So I thought hey, I can now open one of the four bottles to use now! The bottles of Sensibio looks genuine as the vendor had claimed. However, my first reaction when I wiped the solution with my cotton pad was “hmmm, this doesn’t feel quite right… its quite slippery and foamy…”. I thought I was just too tired, so I used it again for the next few days just want to be absolutely certain that something is not right. On the fifth day, I couldn’t take the soapiness any longer, so i started googling to see if there was supposed to be new formula in the product or whether I was over reacting. I chances upon a blog which described how Sensibio should feel like on our skin, and the texture of fakes. Then I recalled that I still had a small sample bottle of Sensibio tucked somewhere in my room (bought it from pharmacy) so I broke the seal to make a comparison. True enough, the Sensibio that I’d  bought from the pharmacy was exactly how it should have been, but the one I bought online at one for one promotion was way too soapy and had a faint apple scent.

The fortunate part of this story is that I did manage to obtain refund for 3 out of 4 bottles. The vendor refunded without question, and I am now left with 4 bottles of fakes in my room.

From this I learnt that I should have been more prudent and careful with those super sales online, although there are genuine sales around. I just want to caution fellow readers out there to be more careful in dealing with vendors who claim to import products in parallel.

How about you? Have you experienced similar incidents?

Bioderma – Sensibio H2O Solution Micellaire Peux Sensibles

Its been a long while since I last share my review on the products that I have used. I went to Korea for a short shopping trip during the past months and hope to share my reviews on some of the popular Korean cosmetics with you i  my subsequent posts. Here it is, my review on Bioderma Sensibio which I have used for a month.

This fragrance-free cleanser is mild yet effective in removing waterproof makeup. As you can see from the picture, it is clear watery solution that does not sting or gives burning sensation after you have applied in your skin. I said skin because this gentle remover or cleanser can be used on both face, eye and body.

How Do I Use It?
Take a cotton pad and soak it with Sensibio. Wipe the wet cotton pad on your face to remove makeup or sunscreen after a long day. Do it a few times until your cotton pad is clear.

Can Use Clarisonic for Second Cleanse?
Sure you can! But be cautioned that you might be over cleansing your face. I am a dual cleanse freak so I still use Clarisonic with Sensitive Brushhead. I didnt get outbreaks from over cleansing, neither did I end up with super dry skin. That said if you are also into dual cleansing, please make sure you use very gentle cleansers and slather your skin with good paraben or sulfates free toner and moisturizer to reduce potential irritation. Note: i have combination oily skin that clogs easily.

How Much Does It Cost?
Its about S$39.90 for 500ml in Singapore in guardian and Watsons but I managed to find a vendor who sells cheaper online. Have since stocked up about 5 bottles.

How Does This Compare to Sephora Triple Cleansing Water?
Both products are oil-free and cleanses off the makeup really well. Both allows me to have second cleanse but in terms of accessibility, Sensibio is sold in all drug stores in Singapore and easier to get hold off. For amount of use, i am likely to use more of sensibio because of its 500ml bottles. Sephora leaves a layer of moisture lotion on your skin,while Sensibio do too, the lotion feels thinner. Either way, i think both products are good in their own way. I vote for both!

I hope the above helps!