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Label Young – Shocking Mist (Skin & Essence; Lotion & Cream) 2in1 Multi Skin Care


As you know I have been posting my reviews for Label Young products and indeed I have received high hit rates from my review on their Shocking series (check out my archives!). Most of the searches are made from Vietnam, Thailand and I am grateful for readers from south east asia! Thank you!!

Alright, back to this post on Label Young Shocking Mist 1 and 2.

I have been trying out this product in the day and night for about 2 weeks now,so I think it should be a reasonable point to share what I think of this product.

About the Product
Will update this section when I manage to find out what it contains.

Using the Product
The suggested method is to spray Step 1 on the face (ie the Toner), pat in the product before spraying on Step 2 (ie the “Cream”). What I did was to spray Step 1 onto the palm of my hand before patting the product on my face for absorption. Then I will spray Step 2 onto my hand, spread it between two palms to lightly “warm” the product before i pat the product onto my skin.

The Toner looks gel-ish in the bottle but it liquidfies when it was sprayed and it was liquid once in contact with my hand. The Cream looks like a cream gel in the bottle but when it is sprayed onto my hand, its texture feels like a watery mousse. Now here’s what I find rather interesting: as you know Singapore climate has high humidity and its tropical weather all year round. I notice that unlike some of the products that I have tried previously, my perspiration seem to emerge ON TOP of the skin. Perspiration did not seem to melt the cream or push it off my face. Its as if the cream is water proof! 😁

When I apply my bareminerals foundation over my skin, the cream seems to behave like a primer and held my foundation better (of course it cannot compare with my favourite Laura Mercier primer). Even after moving around for an hour out in the hot tropical weather in Singapore, about 70% of my foundation remained in place. This is completely different from if I had used some other products where my foundation would have ran and left patches on my face.

Will I buy this again? Well the product didn’t break me out and it did seem to have the right texture for my skin. I feel rather refreshed using this product and it also seem to give decent level of hydration for my skin especially when I work in air conditioned environment most of the time. So YES! I will include this product on my repurchase list.

Where to Buy the Product
Koreadepart (EN) is my go-to place. Qoo10 is another online spot that I will grab this product. Else, check out Label Young official website!

Laura Mercier – Foundation Primer & Tinted Moisturizer (Oil Free)


Those of you out there who have been shopping in Sephora will know that the Laura Mercier Foundation Primer is the best selling primer. For a lighter version of liquid foundation, the tinted moisturizer will be recommended. I have combination skin so on days where my skin is not too inflamed, I will use the tinted moisturizer coz it does not provide a lot of coverage.

Foundation Primer
I have used the primer for a while. This is the oil free version so it feels fresh and light on the skin. The primer is in creamy white colour and one may on first instance thought they are putting cream on their faces. Fear not! For troubled skin like mine, I dont even get outbreaks. So this is a plus!!

My assessment of the product is this:
1. Very good foundation holding power! whether you are using liquid foundation like tinted moisturizers, just foundation, powder foundation or like me, using pure mineral foundation; you will love how well this foundation holds them on your face and lasts for hours!
2. Cream like texture makes it easy to apply with hand or with a sponge. Glides on like silk!
3. Comes in long tubes so gotta make sure you had closed well. Do not throw it into your bag without first putting into your makeup pouch. The cap may come of when it knocks against other items in your handbag.

Tinted Moisturizer SPF20 (Oil Free)
I thought I could use hand to apply this and that will be all. However when I do that, I realise that my skin is cakey and looks oily or shiny.

I consulted one of the Sephora staff and her advise was : use a sponge to spread or apply the tinted moisturizer in dabbing movement. Press the sponge lightly on the skin with two fingers behind the spongeand turn your wrist to roll the sponge off the point you first placed on your face, as if you are dabbing off excess on your face. Indeed the look is more natural as if I am not wearing anything on my face! This must be followed by either translucent loose powder? Or in my case, Laura Mercier Smooth Focus Pressed Setting Powder which is matt and translucent. This will turn the tinted moisturizer to look powdery and soft.

My assessment:
1. Tinted moisturizer is indeed light as promised. Not too thick so its a good option for those with minimal blemishes on the face. Gives a natural look!
2. It comes on long tubes too so remember to put it in you makeup purse with your sponge before throwing into your bag.

If you are always on the run, I would recommend powder foundation instead of liquid foundation. Liquid foundations such as tinted moisturizers can be difficult to apply for beginners plus you need to use a sponge. So busy bees out there, stick to powder unless you have oily skin. Else these two products from Laura Mercier are great for a natural look!