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Label Young Haul @ Koreadepart


Have gone almost crazy shopping on Koreadepart Website and these are the Label Young products that I have bought this month, among many other items. Some of these products were on sale so I just could not get my hands off them! They are:

1. Shocking Serum Ampoule
2. Shocking Mist Lotion and Cream Step 2
3. Shocking Mist Skin and Essence Step 1
4. Sonyu Oil ver 2 (Limited Edition)
5. Sonyu Oil
6. By handmader 3S Cream or Seonyeo Cream (Original)

It will take a while before I get to review all of them but do keep your eyes peeled till I give reviews on each of them!

Let me know if you have started using any of them! 😉


Biosmos – Olio Essenziale Tea Tree

Tea Tree Oil from Italy that can be used neat and directly on skin without causing burns
Tea Tree Oil from Italy that can be used neat and directly on skin without causing burns

The Olio Essenziale Essential Oil by Biosmos was a product recommended to me by my beautician at Face Essensuals. This tea tree oil comes with a guarantee card that certifies that the tea tree oil is definitely safe (even if you were to consume it like what some users do with Young Living essential oils). I am not adventurous and has always been very careful with essential oils especially after reading about the potential side effects if they were not handled with care.


Biosmos is an italian skin care product company set up by a beautician with many years of experience.  I had used the Biosmos Aloe Vera Oxygenating Water with much satisfaction of its effects hence was not adverse to purchase another of its product. I had purchased this tea tree oil from Face Essensuals to apply on my acnes. Sometimes, when the skin acts up, I do end  up with painful acne on my face that I want to seek quick relief. Though this oil does not give instant relief, it does help to bring down the redness and relief some painful sores from the inflammation. If you have mosquito bites, it can also help sooth the itch with its cooling effect. I have used other tea tree oils from Body Shop as well as Thursday Plantation – I still prefer to use this product because it feels thinner and is quickly absorbed by the skin. In fact, I’m on my second bottle of this product.


How to Use this Product

When you open the fresh bottle, you will need to replace the bottle cap with the dropper that is provided in the box. To use, drop some of the tea tree oil on a cotton swap and apply directly on your skin e.g. acne, insect bites, etc.  You will notice that the tea tree oil is very watery and to some extend looks like water.  As tea tree oils are usually quite strong and known for some form of toxicity, I would stick with using cotton swaps just so that I would not accidentally touch my eyes when I still have product on my fingers.


Where to Purchase this Product

1) If you are based in Singapore, you can purchase this Tea Tree Oil (about S$60+) from Face Essensuals located at 220 Orchard Road, #03-10 Mid-Point Orchard, Singapore 238852; Tel: +65 6732 8237 (Look for Ms Serina Leong). Do give Face Essensuals a ring before you go down to the shop to check if they still have stock on hand. A small bottle goes a long way. 🙂

2) If you are overseas, you can purchase online via the Biosmos Official Website. However, I would recommend that those based in Singapore purchase directly from Face Essensuals because the items sold at Biosmos website are priced in Euros and you will need to factor in the shipment costs which may turn out to be more expensive to purchase online. The website is billingual in Italian and English.