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RMS Beauty – Raw Coconut Oil

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Source: RMS Beauty Official Website

I have never been a fan of coconut oil because of its strong scent. I love love love curry that contains coconut milk, but I would walk away from food containing coconut or that gives off a strong coconut scent. Ok, I’m wierd.


Well, interestingly, I started using Raw Coconut Oil for my night time regime just about a week ago. I was researching into use of natural oil products (I have bottles of Now Solutions oils from apricot seed oil, grapeseed oil, jojoba oil, etc all sitting in my drawer – in mint state); wanting to find out more about oils for different skin conditions and how I can use them when my skin condition changes – and I came upon RMS Beauty.  I found RMS Beauty through online skincare stores.

You’ll ask me “hang on a minute – didn’t you have combination skin?” Yes, I do! But before you decide to trash this article, you’ll be as amazed as what the coconut oil did to my skin – without further outbreaks.

Anyway, back to RMS Beauty. Yes, the Raw Coconut Oil. On the RMS Beauty website, it said that “The ultimate organic beauty product! This can honestly be called the best makeup remover ever. Removes even the most stubborn mascara with ease. This multitasking product can also be used as a facial cleanser and skin moisturizer.” On the website, it went to explain thatCoconut oil is considered the healthiest oil on earth for its high levels of lauric acid, which is rarely found in nature. Lauric acid is what gives coconut oil its antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial properties, making this all-in-one product suitable for even the most blemish prone skin. This natural antioxidant is 100% pure, raw and unrefined thereby naturally protecting one’s skin against free radical damage and premature aging. Ideal for all skin types including sensitive and acne-prone skin. Nourishes skin, hair and lashes. Helps soothe sunburns.”  The RMS Beauty’s Raw Coconut Oil is “harvested fresh for [RMS Beauty] using a new and modern processing technique making it superior over store bought coconut oil. Ours is superior over “other cold pressed coconut oil on the market.

How to Use the Product

RMS Beauty recommends using your clean fingers to distribute their products on your skin.

The Raw Coconut Oil will turn very watery in the normal room temperature in Singapore. As it comes in a pot, you can either put the pot into your fridge so that it turns solid and you scoop it out with a metal spatula. OR you can continue to leave the pot on your dressing table but re-bottle the watery oil into a glass dropper bottle for easier dispensing and hygiene. I haven’t found the time to re-bottle the product, so I have been using straight from the pot by lightly dipping the tips of my two fingers in the product (like how a dragonfly would to touch the water) and quickly spread the runny product onto my face. Remember, 2 drops is all you need unless you want to use it as a mask or makeup remover. (Yes, Raw Coconut Oil is multipurpose!) It is perfectly fine to leave your Raw Coconut Oil in room temperature. Just don’t put it under the sun. Simple. 🙂

I started using the Raw Coconut Oil on the day after I had my facial to clear the horrible pus and acne on my face. It had been a very very stressful period at work and my face was breaking out – my chin, my forehead and it was progressing to my cheeks. What pain! My aesthetician did a good job to drain them and to try to calm the redness on the first day. But the redness was still there on day two – and you would know that this can go on for a few more days.

After washing my face with my facial foam and Clarisonic, I pat dry my skin and applied 2 drops of this oil all over my face. I didn’t apply any toner at all. However, I do have to make sure the oil is absorbed into my skin and no residue is left behind.  The product gives off a faint coconut oil scent and the scent was gone after 2 hours or so. I went to bed as is. When I woke up the next morning, my face didn’t feel as oily and the redness seems to have calmed down. I continued using the product for the rest of the week and I did not break out nor did I experience any discomfort. The oil was more hydrating than when I use creams or lotions (I had been using the California baby lotion for a few months now as my moisturizer).  The scabbing from clearing the acne also came off easily and I did not have any scarring.

Do remember though, that you should not use coconut oil in the morning if you are wearing make up. It does not hold the make up in place due to its naturally moisturizing compounds.

Where to Buy the Product

The product can be found on the official website for RMS Beauty and drugstore.com / beauty.com. You can  – and for those of you who are in Singapore – you can go through 65daigou.com to order your items coz drugstore.com / beauty.com do not ship internationally. You can also use MyUS service to bring your goods from MyUS address to Singapore (as stated on the beauty.com website).After searching around for any RMS Beauty product presence in Singapore; I discovered that it can be found at The Naturally Better Company at Millenia Walk. They carry the entire range, including the Un-cover Up foundation that is all natural and give a dewy glow to the skin. I bought Un-cover Up from the same store as well but as I have a few tubes of Bareminerals Complexion Rescue, I think I’ll keep the small pot in my drawer for now.

Other Thoughts

You might wonder – Can I use Coconut oils from other brands or even food grade coconut oils? Sure! However, do take note that there is a difference between pure unrefined coconut oil, pure refined coconut oil and fractionated coconut oil. Fractionated coconut oil is mostly in liquid form and has a much longer shelf life because the compounds that would make the coconut oil rancid after a certain period of time was removed in the process (in simple terms). You can read more about Fractionated coconut oil on OrganicFacts.net). You can also read more about different types of coconut oils at Livestrong.com.


Skincare Tip – Using Oil Based Make up Remover

Some of us may have experienced outbreaks after using oil based make up removers. My first oil based make up remover was a Shu Uemura Makeup Removal Oil (I can’t remember the actual name now) more than 10 years ago, when I purchased based on recommendations and without researching into what works best for my skin then. My colleagues at that time raved about the oil and how amazing it was in removing makeup – so I bought it and tried to follow the instructions. My skin broke into more acne and I refused to use any oil based make up remover – not until the last couple of years where I start to fall in love with facial oils.

Having both problematic and sensitive skin, micellar water would be the most recommended makeup remover in the market for me. However, I could not resist the reviews online so I bought the Senka Cleansing Oil to try more than a year ago – only to put it back on the shelf because again I experienced outbreaks. This is where I switched back to Sephora Triple Cleansing Water and Bioderma Sensibio. Interestingly, during my last vacation to Bali a month ago, I decided to give Origins Cleansing Oil a try (ah that bug got me again!) because the ingredients list said its all natural oils (no mineral oil). I braced myself for a round of outbreaks (again).  Interestingly, the experience changed my mind and my understanding on using cleansing oils. This is what I learnt during and after I returned from my trip to Bali – after using Origins Cleansing Oil for a full week to remove my sunscreen.

1) Be generous with the amount of oil you use

Use any amount you think your face needs. The important point is you need sufficient oil to soften the day’s grime and lift the grime off your skin.  Think hydration.  After a long day, you may have makeup that becomes stubborn after mixing with perspiration or oil. Use generous amount of oil (I usually use about 2 tablespoon) and gently spread it on your face, to help you ‘moisten’ the dryer patches and help ‘lift’ the makeup. Spread and massage the entire face with fingers, gently (we don’t want wrinkles and lines!). You will notice how nicely the makeup gets lifted by the oils. Massage for about 1 minute in circular motion. When you want to remove your eye makeup (esp eye shadow and primer), use your ring fingers and glide gently around the lids and eye sockets). As you massage, you may feel some little “grains” on your fingers. Take a look – these could be dead skin or hardened white heads that “popped” out as your fingers massage the now hydrated skin.

It dawned on me that my past outbreaks could be due to the lack of oil used on my face. It was not sufficient to breakdown the day’s grime and makeup hence end up clogging my pores. Well, so much about trial and error and second chances!

2) Remember to Emulsify – Slowly and Gently

After the massaging (some of you may prefer to perform “acupuncture” by pressing on selected acupuncture points on the face to enhance blood circulation so that can take more than 1 minute), remember to wet the face (with oil still on it) and again in circular motion, help the oil emulsify and be lifted off your skin.  I perform two step cleansing so this is followed by a foaming cleanser and my clarisonic to “shake out” any residue in the pores after emulsifying.

Always emulsify your cleansing oil thoroughly so that it can be cleansed with water thoroughly. Cleansing oils are not for those who are always in a hurry. The particles takes time to be lifted.

3) Mineral oil vs. Natural Oil – Hydration test post double cleanse method

I am comparing Senka Cleansing Oil (mineral oil based) vs Origins Cleansing Oil (natural oil based). For the second wash, I always and only use Senka Perfect Whip Foam and clarisonic. The result? Senka Cleansing Oil may come from the same family as Perfect Whip Foam, but the post second wash hydration level paled against the post second wash for Origins Cleansing Oil. My skin feels more hydrated after using Origins Cleansing Oil and Perfect Whip Foam. Mineral based Cleansing oil not as good as Natural Oil based Cleansing Oil? I am not sure. For this I will need you to test and let me know what you think.

So what do you think? Do you have similar experiences?

Cure – Natural Aqua Gel


Those of you who’d read my earlier post on exfoliation would have learnt about Cure, a product that I’d recommended for removal of dead skin cell by softening it and not through abrasion (as with scrubs). This, I find, is a safe product to use once to twice a week – though some reviews claim that you can use this more than once on the same day if you feel that your dead skin has not been completely removed (ie your skin still feel rough).

About the Product

Cure is made in Japan by Toyo Net Japan, and it is the company’s star product. You will see from the ingredient list below, that Water is the main ingredient for this peeling gel. There are, in the market, many peeling gels. In Asia, a popular peeling gel by Ginvera is one of the earliest form of peeling gel having dominated the asian market for more than 10 years. However, Cure remains different because it does not react just on any surface; and only turns into milky water when it comes into contact with dead skin. This is the point where one will gently rub to remove the softened dead skin.

Here’s the ingredient list for Cure (taken off Toyo Net website):


Activated hydrogen water from purified water is used.


Widely used moisturizing ingredient that contains high hygroscopic nature and has been used for long time.


The same liquid as used by ophthalmologists for eye surgery.
We use it for thickener.


It is to respond to old deadskin. Commonly used for conditioner.


An expected ingredient that moisturizes and protects rough and dry skin.


Extract from ginkgo, expected to moisturize, to prevent skin mottle and freckles.


It has anti-inflammation and antibacterial effects and is expected to solve skin problems solutions.


Color-free and scent-free moisturizing liquid


An ingredient contained in fruits, vegetables, and alcoholic drinks.
We use it to blend stearyltrimonium bromide

Using the Product

Some of my friends had used Cure on their unwashed faces (ie. after removing makeup or if they don’t wear makeup, to use use it before washing their face). However, I realised that it is most effective when I use it after I have washed my face, without Clarisonic (note: Clarisonic have some abrasive effects – hence mild exfoliation). An important step thereafter is to dab dry my face (no water!) before I spread 2-3 pumps of Cure onto my face. I’ll leave it to ’emulsify’ (or turn ‘milky’) before I gently and softly run my fingers over my face to lift the softened dead skin. I will find lots of bits coming off my face. I will do this for about 1 minute before I rinse with cool or room temperature water to remove the bits.  Once done, I will apply my usual toner and moisturizer to protect the new skin that was revealed.

Another use for this product, is to remove long standing grim in hard to reach areas or under the necks, back of the knees, elbows, etc. It has been used on children below 12 years of age to remove grime that they did not wash off during shower – effective!

Where to Buy the Product

Cure is widely available in Watsons in Singapore. This Japanese product is also available in Japan drugstores (I read this somewhere). In Singapore, it retail for about S$42 a bottle but one bottle can last you a few months. Users have to remember that once you open the bottle, you should finish it within a year (the effectiveness will weaken since it does not have the usual preservatives as the website claims).

This is a staple in my bathroom. I hope it will become yours too! 🙂

Salcura – Topida Intimate Hygiene Spray


More than 5 years ago I was diagnosed by my doctor that the skin in my intimate area is prone folliculitis and other inflammatory conditions. This gives rise to swelling, itchiness, edema (in severe cases) etc. It didn’t help when I also have a very desk bound job that inhibits air circulation. During severe inflammatory conditions, my doctor will prescribe me with antiseptic wash and antibiotics. Several years later, a probiotic foam wash (which I will share in separate blog) from Taiwan that could help regulate the bacteria in intimate areas to help maintain its health. However, this probiotic product line could not address swelling and itchiness aside from the antibiotics that my doctor would prescribe. As such I found Salcura Topida Intimate Hygiene Spray, a product I found from UK that does not contain steroids, hormones, cortisons, peroxides, alcohol, parabens and antibiotics. This product is also not tested on animals.

About Salcura
From their website, “Salcura was originally developed in the 1990’s by German bio-scientist, Dr Martin Schiele, to treat the skin problems of factory workers handling chemicals. Dr Schiele’s unique combination of natural ingredients proved highly effective in soothing difficult to treat skin complaints. Over a decade later of research and improvement, his blend of ingredients launched as ‘Salcura’ – a range of products offering relief for those wanting an effective, natural alternative to chemical based products.”

About Salcura Topida Intimate Hygiene Spray

Salcura has many products ranges for selected skin conditions. The Topida “has been specifically formulated to soothe, cool and calm by creating a healthy microbial balance on the affected areas. This effective, quick acting solution balances the pH levels and essential nutrients help maintain skin cells and mucosa in a viable and healthy condition. The ingredients have been carefully chosen to provide all the nutrients for skin hygiene and comfort.”  It contains Australian Sandalwood Oil, Cinnamon Oil, English Lavendar Essential Oil, Fennel Oil, Garlic Oil, Manuka Essential Oil, Neroli Essential Oil, Olive Fruit Oil, Paperbark Tea Tree Oil, Peppermint Essential Oil and Thyme Oil. This natural concoction helps to provide a cooling and antiseptic treatment for cases of itchiness, soreness, thrush, etc. However, one may feel slightly stingy when sprayed on the sensitive and inflammed / itchy skin followed by a cooling sensation.

It was also mentioned on Salcura website that Topida is safe for those who are pregnant or are breast feeding. Now that’s good news!

How to Use the Product (from my experience)

This product should only be used in mild condition – ie your itchiness or soreness should clear up in 1-2 days. Otherwise, you should quickly consult your gynaecologist or trusted family doctor to prescribe you with the appropriate drug. I usually use this when I feel slightly dry (indication of potential inflammation to come) or dull soreness / itch. It does give quite a lot of relieve and help to prevent further aggravation of the condition. Couple with the Taiwan probiotic intimate foam wash, I managed to stay away from the doctors’ clinic for about a year – without antibiotics or anti-inflammatory drugs. However, this can only be done if you are constantly aware of and are monitoring your condition regularly.

Users are advised to shake the bottle before spraying the product just so that the oils will be well mixed together before application. Follow the instructions on the box and monitor your condition closely. Personal hygiene is also important. If you have tendencies to wear pantyliners, you should replace your pantyliners with those that allows better ventilation (cotton ones are the best) and change them regularly (ie everytime you visit the washroom) to ensure your skin comes in touch with clean liners all the time.

Where to Buy the Product

I can’t find Salcura products in Singapore recently so I had to order online. You can try the following websites to order:

1) From Feelunique. They have limited range of Salcura but I have ordered the Topida from there.

2) From Salcura Official Website. They carry the entire range of Salcura products and they ship everywhere. I have not tried ordering from them yet.

If you have similar conditions as me, do check out the above product, and share with me your experiences! Do also let me know where else this product can be purchased in your country! 🙂

Biosmos – Olio Essenziale Tea Tree

Tea Tree Oil from Italy that can be used neat and directly on skin without causing burns
Tea Tree Oil from Italy that can be used neat and directly on skin without causing burns

The Olio Essenziale Essential Oil by Biosmos was a product recommended to me by my beautician at Face Essensuals. This tea tree oil comes with a guarantee card that certifies that the tea tree oil is definitely safe (even if you were to consume it like what some users do with Young Living essential oils). I am not adventurous and has always been very careful with essential oils especially after reading about the potential side effects if they were not handled with care.


Biosmos is an italian skin care product company set up by a beautician with many years of experience.  I had used the Biosmos Aloe Vera Oxygenating Water with much satisfaction of its effects hence was not adverse to purchase another of its product. I had purchased this tea tree oil from Face Essensuals to apply on my acnes. Sometimes, when the skin acts up, I do end  up with painful acne on my face that I want to seek quick relief. Though this oil does not give instant relief, it does help to bring down the redness and relief some painful sores from the inflammation. If you have mosquito bites, it can also help sooth the itch with its cooling effect. I have used other tea tree oils from Body Shop as well as Thursday Plantation – I still prefer to use this product because it feels thinner and is quickly absorbed by the skin. In fact, I’m on my second bottle of this product.


How to Use this Product

When you open the fresh bottle, you will need to replace the bottle cap with the dropper that is provided in the box. To use, drop some of the tea tree oil on a cotton swap and apply directly on your skin e.g. acne, insect bites, etc.  You will notice that the tea tree oil is very watery and to some extend looks like water.  As tea tree oils are usually quite strong and known for some form of toxicity, I would stick with using cotton swaps just so that I would not accidentally touch my eyes when I still have product on my fingers.


Where to Purchase this Product

1) If you are based in Singapore, you can purchase this Tea Tree Oil (about S$60+) from Face Essensuals located at 220 Orchard Road, #03-10 Mid-Point Orchard, Singapore 238852; Tel: +65 6732 8237 (Look for Ms Serina Leong). Do give Face Essensuals a ring before you go down to the shop to check if they still have stock on hand. A small bottle goes a long way. 🙂

2) If you are overseas, you can purchase online via the Biosmos Official Website. However, I would recommend that those based in Singapore purchase directly from Face Essensuals because the items sold at Biosmos website are priced in Euros and you will need to factor in the shipment costs which may turn out to be more expensive to purchase online. The website is billingual in Italian and English.