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Abidis – Locion Equilibriante sin Alcohol (Balancing Lotion with no Alcohol)

wp-1486092221476.jpgOkay this is a product that I must talk about. Its Abidis Locion Equilibriante (Abidis Balancing Lotion). It has no Alcohol and aims to hydrate the skin while you tone it.

About the Product

I was told by my beautician at Face Essensuals that Abidis is a Spanish brand and they usually produce their products in small quantities. This particular product is a Balancing Lotion that is suitable for combination skin or oily skin. It has a minty flora scent and the skin feels hydrated when the lotion is applied (but not hydrated enough to be used on its own). When the watery Lotion drys out, you will feel a very thin coat on your skin that seems to seal in the moisture. You can use any moisturizer on top of this Lotion. The Lotion is bluish green in colour (I have used up the bottle in the picture) and is very watery, often leaving a mild cooling sensation after you apply for a few seconds.

Using the Product

Currently, I am using this Lotion together with my Physiogel Calming Relief Face Cream. The Lotion is not drying and beats the other Toners  or Lotions from the japanese or korean off the rack products. It did improve my skin hydration in the day and helped me stave away from acne due to dry or dehydrated skin. At night, I use another Abidis product on top of the above (less is more) to boost healing and recovery of my skin. I hope to share it with you soon.

Where to Purchase the Item

I bought this from my beautician, Face Essensuals, located at Midpoint Orchard along Orchard Road. You will not find this product on the shelves and will have to purchase through salons or main distributor for this product. The photo of the product in the picture is the old packaging and retails at S$56 a bottle. Please call Serina at Face Essensuals to order your bottle as stock is usually limited to ensure freshness.

Label Young – Shocking Mist (Skin & Essence; Lotion & Cream) 2in1 Multi Skin Care


As you know I have been posting my reviews for Label Young products and indeed I have received high hit rates from my review on their Shocking series (check out my archives!). Most of the searches are made from Vietnam, Thailand and I am grateful for readers from south east asia! Thank you!!

Alright, back to this post on Label Young Shocking Mist 1 and 2.

I have been trying out this product in the day and night for about 2 weeks now,so I think it should be a reasonable point to share what I think of this product.

About the Product
Will update this section when I manage to find out what it contains.

Using the Product
The suggested method is to spray Step 1 on the face (ie the Toner), pat in the product before spraying on Step 2 (ie the “Cream”). What I did was to spray Step 1 onto the palm of my hand before patting the product on my face for absorption. Then I will spray Step 2 onto my hand, spread it between two palms to lightly “warm” the product before i pat the product onto my skin.

The Toner looks gel-ish in the bottle but it liquidfies when it was sprayed and it was liquid once in contact with my hand. The Cream looks like a cream gel in the bottle but when it is sprayed onto my hand, its texture feels like a watery mousse. Now here’s what I find rather interesting: as you know Singapore climate has high humidity and its tropical weather all year round. I notice that unlike some of the products that I have tried previously, my perspiration seem to emerge ON TOP of the skin. Perspiration did not seem to melt the cream or push it off my face. Its as if the cream is water proof! 😁

When I apply my bareminerals foundation over my skin, the cream seems to behave like a primer and held my foundation better (of course it cannot compare with my favourite Laura Mercier primer). Even after moving around for an hour out in the hot tropical weather in Singapore, about 70% of my foundation remained in place. This is completely different from if I had used some other products where my foundation would have ran and left patches on my face.

Will I buy this again? Well the product didn’t break me out and it did seem to have the right texture for my skin. I feel rather refreshed using this product and it also seem to give decent level of hydration for my skin especially when I work in air conditioned environment most of the time. So YES! I will include this product on my repurchase list.

Where to Buy the Product
Koreadepart (EN) is my go-to place. Qoo10 is another online spot that I will grab this product. Else, check out Label Young official website!

Label Young – Shocking Cream Pore Ver. (aka Panku Cream)

Shocking Cream Pore Version

The Label Young Shocking Pore Cream is the other Label Young Pore series product that I have yet to review. This Shocking Pore Cream is to be used together with the Panku Skin and Lotion, which aims to tighten and hydrate the pores as well as deliver whitening and anti-aging effects.

About the Product
The Label Young Shocking Pore Cream reminds me of thick clear gel. The purpose of this cream was to tighten and even up the pores, as in the case of using a primer to “flatten” the gaps created by the open pores so that the skin looks smooth and glowing.  It also works well in hydrating the skin. Compared to the Shocking Skin and Lotion, the Shocking Pore Cream seems to do better at hydration, if I need to choose the most effective of the two.

From the Koreadepart website, the the Shocking Pore Cream’s main ingredients are Bentonite (containing more than 60 kinds of natural minerals, kaolin, ECOCERT organic ingredients, soybean fermentation extract. This product is also, from Koreadepart, recommended for those with big pores or pores with blackheads.  I didnt find significant changes to my pores but the hydration seems to be the more satisfying outcome.

Using the Product
It was recommended that one applies the Shocking Pore Cream right after the Panku Skin and Lotion, or to chill the gel in the fridge before applying on the face as a mask. I have been reminded about my pores clogging easily so did not try to use the Shocking Pore Cream as a mask (seals up the pores). However I did use it like a cream that enhance the hydration of the Panku Skin and Lotion. I only use a small pea size at a time and warm it in my hand before I spread it on my face.

After using the Label young Pore Series for almost a month, I like the Panku Skin and Lotion, but find that it is not moisturizing enough when I am in an airconditioned or low humidity environment. The Shocking Pore Cream helps to improve hydration by acting as an additional layer to seal in moisture. No outbreaks so far.

Where to Buy the Product
As with all the Label young Products, you can purchase the Shocking Pore Cream via:

1) Koreadepart
2) Qoo10
3) Label Young Official Website

Have you tried the Shocking Pore Series? Tell me about your experience! 🙂

Label Young Haul @ Koreadepart


Have gone almost crazy shopping on Koreadepart Website and these are the Label Young products that I have bought this month, among many other items. Some of these products were on sale so I just could not get my hands off them! They are:

1. Shocking Serum Ampoule
2. Shocking Mist Lotion and Cream Step 2
3. Shocking Mist Skin and Essence Step 1
4. Sonyu Oil ver 2 (Limited Edition)
5. Sonyu Oil
6. By handmader 3S Cream or Seonyeo Cream (Original)

It will take a while before I get to review all of them but do keep your eyes peeled till I give reviews on each of them!

Let me know if you have started using any of them! 😉

Label Young – Panku Skin & Lotion, aka 2 in 1 Special Pore Care (Shocking Skin & Lotion)

wpid-20141228_221825.jpgI am so excited that many of you out there have been reading up on my blog post for Label Young product. I wish to thank you all for the support and it is your support that encouraged me to go on to try its other Label Young products – which by far, is one of the most economical (and paraben free) skincare product that I’ve used yet does not give me outbreaks or other skin care problems.

Alright, I won’t keep the suspense any longer. I present to you my review on the Label Young Panku Skin & Lotion, also known as 2 in 1 Special Pore Care (Shocking Skin and Lotion)!

About the Product

This product claims to be an all-in-one product that “Soothes skin gently and provide rich moisture and nutrition.” It aims to “treat pores from inner skin without the use of ethanol”. The “rich moisture and nutrition refreshes the skin by providing it with a glow” and it “controls oil from the sebum and shields the skin from impurities and dust. Its moisture shield also enables better moisture absorption. (Disclaimer: the above description is paraphrased from Koreandepart website where product description could have been translated directly from its original korean description) Now, we need to be clear that the word “tighten” is relative and depends on the size condition of one’s pores and yes, this product’s key ingredients are “bentonite (containing more than 60 kinds of natural minerals), kaolin, ECOCERT organic ingredients, blueberry extract, lemon extract and lime”. The koreandepart website wrote that this product does not contain the following additives, namely: Parabens, ethanol, mineral oil, triclosan, phenoxyethanol, benzyl alcohol, artificial colours, triethanolamine, petrolatum, imidazolidinyl urea.

However, I discovered that this product has dimenthicon that usually gives a relatively smooth feel after you apply on your skin. I have mentioned previously that products with dimenthicon did not work well for me. Now why did I went ahead to try this? Its you, my readers! Nothing gained without trying, right? 😉

This product has a very soft and somewhat flora / citrus scent (oh, and I so love it), and is dispensed in the form of emulsion (i.e. slightly dense white milk in a simple bottle – see picture on the right). My feedback for Label Young is perhaps, a squeezable bottle can be used because it is indeed quite challenging to get the product out given its texture. A pump could also have done the job.

Based on the instructions on used of this product, it said that this lotion can be used on its own without its accompanying gel cream from the same product family (and yes! I am going to blog about it when I use it for a while longer)

Using this Product

I have been using this product for about 2 weeks now. I didn’t break out after using it and I find the scent rather refreshing and welcoming. I have combination skin which is oily under the skin and dry on the surface. After using this product for the period, the oil does seem to surface later and lesser then it normally would but it won’t be as effective if you are having one of those days where your face just produce a lot of oil due to hormones etc.

After washing my face, I will use just a 10cent size (about 10mm in diameter for a dollup) and warm it in my palm before applying / spreading with both hands on my face. I will try to pat lightly using the warm palms to help with absorption into my skin. This is only if I am going to be out and about in the humid tropical weather. When I am at work (air-conditioned) or at night, I will layer on (thinly) the Panku Gel Cream on my face to increase the hydration. Note: I did not need to apply additional toner before I use this Lotion.

After using the the product, I feel that my skin (esp on my cheeks) are very smooth. I did have some whiteheads popping out since I’ve started using it (this could be due to hydration that plumps up the inner walls of the pores and forces the loose whiteheads out). I can’t really attest much about the pore size as my large pores have been there for a long time.

Where to Buy this Product

As mentioned in my previous blog post, this product is not sold over the counters in Myeong Dong or in Singapore. I had to scour the internet to look for the vendors who bring in the products. Couple of places you can get hold of this product:

1) Qoo10 – search for “label young” and the website should cough up a few vendors that carry the brand.

2) Koreadepart – Oh yes, this is a good place to get your label young products. They do have discounts from time to time and I recently bought some of the other label young products at below USD10 each. However, do not that international shipping is only free if you chock up USD200 worth of purchases. This site does carry a lot of other popular Korean brands, so plan your purchases!

3) Label Young website – I had provided this link in my earlier Label Young product post, and I did notice that it had received a number of clicks. As mentioned previously, this site is in Korean and it could only be shipping within Korea. Best to get your native korean friends to help you with the orders. 🙂

So are you ready to share with me your experiences with the Label Young products?

Senka – Hoshitsu Lotion (Moisturizing)


This is my new acquisiton after searching high and low for a lotion that could restore hydration to my skin. I may be living in a tropical country, but working in an airconditioned office environment is drying my skin. My skin condition suffers even more when I am overly busy with work and forgot to drink water!

Senka (专科) is one of the off the shelves skincare product by Shiseido catered to return hydration to the skin. Packed with double hyaluronic acid and Royal Jelly extract, this lotion is watery and does not give a sticky feeling after applying on the skin. Having tried Hada Labo myself, I definitely prefer this over Hada Labo for the after use feel and texture. Lotion absorbs quickly into skin and I even tried using it like a massage mask!

Using as Massage Mask
Put about a 50 cent coin size worth of lotion onto your hand after washing and drying your skin. Apply the lotion onto your skin generously and massage your face starting from your forehead (gently in circular motion) before gliding your fingers from your temples over the top of your cheeks to reach the bridge of your nose between your eyes. Gently run your fingers above your eye brows, down to your temples, over the top of the cheeks and end at the bridge of your nose. Glide your fingers on both sides of your nose to press a finger on each side of your nostrils for 3 seconds. Glide up between your eyes and press gently both side of the bridge between ur eyes for 3 seconds. Then move your fingers to press gently under the peaks of both the cheekbones for 3 seconds. Move the fingers to about 1 cm away from both corners of your mouth and press gently for 3 seconds before moving a finger to press under the center of the lower lip for the last 3 seconds. You can do this as many times as you like. Once u are done, gently pat the remaining lotion on your face avoiding the eyes. Tissue off lightly to remove any remnants of the lotion and go to sleep.

As I am using the Perfect Whip Foam (same product family) to cleanse my face, I can jump to use this lotion thereafter with or without toner. I have tried using this lotion with my Albion Skin Conditioner and I notice that my skin absorbs better than when it is without toner.

Albion – Exage Moist Crystal Milk II & Herbal Oil Gold

Image  Albion Herbal Oil Gold (crop)

I have mentioned in my earlier post that I would like to try out the Albion Exage Herbal Oil Gold. I finally got a sample from one of my purchases and have been using it for almost 3 weeks! In addition, the sales lady was nice to give me a bottle of Exage Moist Crystal Milk II to complete the skincare steps. Before I start with my review, let me share with you my skincare steps:

The Steps

After drying the cleansed face, put 2-3 drops of Albion Herbal Oil Gold onto the palm of a hand. Gently  rub both hands together to spread  the product for easy application on your face. Place one hand on your forehead and another on your chin to apply the product on your chin and forehead, followed by applying the remaining product on both your cheeks, starting from your nose to your ears. Then with both hands, massage to spread the product on your face. Spread the product upwards when you come to your cheeks. Make sure you have massaged the products into your skin. If you find the product too oily, blot gently with a clean tissue paper before moving on to the next step. Then pump about a 10 cent coin size of the Exage Moist Crystal Milk II (for combination skin) on either a clean cotton pad (this is the usual recommendation from the counter). Dab the milk on your forehead, nose, cheeks and chin and spread evenly in light circular motion using the cotton to make sure the product is evenly distributed and absorbed. The left over milk can  be applied on your knees, elbows,  etc for hydration. Next, wet a clean cotton pad with the Albion Skin Conditioner. Lightly apply the conditioner on your skin (if you have sensitive skin, just pat the cotton very lightly on your face to make sure  the Skin Conditioner has been applied on your entire face). You can wipe the cotton pad on your neck after you are done with your face. Then, discard the cotton pad, and gently pad the excess conditioner on your face (sensitive skin – just press gently to help the conditioner absorb into your skin). Apply your own skincare serum or moisturizer to seal in the moisture.

Exage Moist Crystal Milk II

The Exage Moist Crystal Milk II is a non-greasy, lightweight milk lotion that helps to moisturize your skin before you toned it with the Skin Conditioner. Initially I thought it will give me outbreaks but I realise its not the case, if I had made sure the product is evenly applied on my skin without excess left on my skin. It is very gentle, and I thought it works for me in humid environment. The lotion also helped to moisturize a rough patch on my knee, a scab from abrasion, so that the scab will fall out gradually. The milk has a very nice floral (?) scent that is calming, and I like the scent. The sale person may recommend that you put the milk on a clean cotton pad, but I always felt that the product may be wasted (cotton absorb the milk) so I just pour it on my hand. Otherwise, applying with cotton pad might be easier to apply (spreads better) on the face.

Albion Herbal Oil Gold

I am a firm believer that the oilier your face, the more you should be using oils to keep your skin hydrated. The Herbal Oil is quickly absorbed into the skin when you use it as the first step after you have dried your face. However it is important (as with all oils) that you make sure you have spread out all the oils to avoid clogging your pores (depending on what type of oils you use). So far, the oils that I have blogged about doesnt clog the pores and are rather comfortable to use. The Oil is very light and thin (not those thick ones that feels more like cooking oil) and comes with a very calming scent that goes well with the milk mentioned above. You should avoid having the oils near your eyes (just in case you get milia seeds coz the skin around the eye is very sensitive and thin). Originally I thought I must tone the face with Skin Conditioner before I apply the Herbal Oil but was quickly corrected by the sale person at Albion counter that the Herbal Oil should come first. She was right! 🙂

Because of the positive experience, I have bought a bottle of Albion Herbal Oil Gold.  Exage Moist Crystal Milk II is now on my wish list! 😀

Before signing off…

I noticed that my skin has improved significantly since I switch to using oils from Decleor and Albion. This made me conclude that my acne was not just triggered by hormonal imbalance, but also from lack of moisture / poor hydration. I will try to blog more about how to take care of acne prone skin when I find more time, but for now I hope the products that I have recommended here are useful to all of you.

Jurlique – Calendula Lotion


This lotion is made of natural extracts of Calendula flowers. The company Jurlique has its own plantation in South Australia that grows the natural ingredients it uses to manufacture its products.

The lotion is a light yellow liquid that smells heavily of calendula (I always thought the scent is similar to dried chrysanthemum flowers that asians use to make cooling teas). Instructions have stated that we should put a few drops onto a moist cotton pad before applying the product on the face. I have tried both methods – ie put a few drops on my regular toner and using it neat.

When I put a dew drops on my toner, I get the cooling effect from my refreshing toner and the diluted calendula lotion on my face. I have adult cystic acne from time to time so this method is not as effective for me, esp when I live in humid country.  I realise thay the diluted calendula ia good to calm the light redness of the skin ard the acne but not bring down the redness from the acne or treat the acne.

So I tried using it neat – ie drop some on dry cotton pad after I have applied toner on my face. U will end up using more drops but I realise that it works well to calm onset of acne when the acne is just surfacing. Press the cotton pad over the acne area for about 3 to 5 seconds before applying ur usual skin care moisturizer. The next morning I find my acne to be less red.

Cost of this bottle is about SGD60 amd I only use it when I have acne. I find it cheaper to buy in Adelaide or Australia since its their local product.

Albion Skin Conditioner


Albion Skin Conditioner is an established brand.   I am not sure if this is sold outside asia, but this was brought into Singapore less than 1 year ago. A very popular skin toner / conditioner, this bottle has proven to be as effective as SK-II in its own way.

Skin Conditioner (aka Skin-Con) contains job’s tears and promises to deliver 6 effects (extracted from its website):
– Adds firmness and moisture to skin that tends to dryness
– Wards of flushness after sunburn or snowburn (I think it means reduce redness)
– Cool sensation wards off flushness (again, I think it means reduce redness)
– Tightens the skin / keeps makeup in place
– Comfortably hydrates, so skin feels fresh and pleasant (I think it means hydrates the skin making it feel fresh and comfortable)

I had used bottles after bottles of SK-II Facial Treatment previously to help bring down the redness on my skin (I swear it worked wonders on bringing down redness but I will talk about it in another  review); but what drew me to this product is firstly, the scent – it was light and fresh. Second, it is the texture of the lotion – no sticky feeling after use (do not be fooled by the milky lotion!). Third, it will be the cool refreshing feeling it gives when it is put on my skin. Last, the after effects – my skin feels moisturized and smooth after application. Makes me believe that my skin condition isn’t as bad after all! 😀

Albion Skin Conditioner comes in sheet mask (more concentrated) for those who like to put on masks as part of skin care routine. I usually get them as samples as part of my purchase from Albion. I would usually DIY by soaking a cotton sheet mask pellet into the lotion and put on my face for 10mins, or to use cotton pads (those that allows you to divide into thin sheets – maybe I should do a review of what I use in another post) and lay them on my face.

Albion Skin Conditioner can  be used on its own, just like SK-II Facial Treatment Essence. I have not used their other product range, though I would love to try out their Albion Herbal Oil (its on my wish list!) since I am a proponent for using oil on oil (ie oils on combination skin or oily skin). Would love to give a review on their Herbal Oil!