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Make Up Forever – Instant Brush Cleanser


I am super excited about this find at Sephora and cannot wait to share with all of you. If you are a regular user of makeup brushes, you must read this post because it is going to make your brushes so clean in few minutes such that you can use the same brush for other colours on your palettes.

About this Product
The Instant Brush Cleanser is a spray cleanser that allows you to refresh your brushes quickly especially if you want to reuse the brush for other makeup. Two squirts is all you need for a clean brush bristle especially with its wide spray angle that delivers fine mists.

Using the Product
Indeed you can spray this product on your bristles, run the bristles on a piece of tissue a few times and the bristles are good as new. However this can be challenging if you live in humid country like Singapore where bristles take longer time to dry. The Sephora sales staff shared that actually you can just grab a piece of tissue paper, squirt twice on the tissue and the run the bristle on the tissue a few times. Voila! Your brushes will be clean and dry! I have tried this method and testify that this worked. Now I no longer need to wait for weekends to wash my brushes! Goodbye dirty brushes!

Where to Buy Product
I bought from Sephora. One bottle can last quite a long time if you use two squirts per brush for say 3 brushes a day. Quite sure you can buy this product from any Make Up Forever counters.

Do give this a try and let me know what you think! πŸ˜‰