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Bali – Alila Villas Uluwatu

Here I am relaxing on the day bed in Alila Villas Uluwatu. Perched on the southern most tip of Bali, this reort does not have crashing waves, but pure tranquility. I can hear the birds chirping and calling out to their friends and the trickling of water out of the private infinity pool on this bright sunny day. Cool breeze passes through the open concept villa as I type on my keyboard. I treasure these solitude.


The room came with a samsung smart TV, a Samsung Soundbox and a Samsung Tab. This is different from Soori which seems to prefer iPhone users more. I was able to use my bluetooth to connect to the soundbox so that mymusic can be heard throughout the unit. Another thing to note though, unlike other resorts, this resort came with British power sockets which means no adaptors required of travellers from UK, Malaysia and Singapore. I like this place already just by their simple thoughtfulness! Oh the driver said that the owner of this resort is a Singapore Architect firm. That probably explains why. 🙂

I have yet tried the cuisines at this resort. I may, on recommendation, give their spa a shot. Interestingly I had not craved for a spa session this time round. Perhaps that would cap of my Bali vacation just as well.

An update:

I tried out the spa at Alila Uluwatu today – Therapeutic Massage. Its a 90 min massage that goes deep into the muscles of your body. Those of you who are desk bound and do not exercise, be ware! 🙂 the massage will find the congested acupoints and release them. Ask for a light or medium pressure massage if you have low pain threshold like me. I still feel pain on the blocked acupoints but it sure makes me feel good after the massage. You can choose between relaxing massage oil or detoxifying massage oil. Its really up to you. Just dont shower within 2 hpurs after the massage – masseuse have informed thatvthe oils are good for you! So check out the spa if you do come down here!

Bali – Alila Villas Soori

Bali has always been my favourite retreat whenever I feel exhausted from the day to day hustle and bustle, meeting numerous deadlines and managing expectations.

Alila Villas, as I have found out from an informal survey among my friends and colleagues, is not as well known in Singapore – unless you have been there through travel agencies or word-of-mouth.

With resorts peppered in several asian countries, I checked myself into two Alila Resorts through a Two Faces of Bali package, which I bought via a local agency specializing in resorts and spas, three years ago. The package brought me to two of Alila’s earliest resorts in Manggis (sea facing) and Ubud (forest and padi fields). The experience was so unforgettable (great food!) that I chose to check into their newer resorts the years after.

Alila Soori - Ocean View Room

For 3 years, I have made Alila Villas my first choice for a short annual retreat. In fact, I have become a frequent guest to Alila, making ‘pilgrimage’ to the resort in Soori for the 3rd consecutive year this year. Soori is one of the two newer resorts from Alila chain located on the west coast in the town of Tebanan – near the famous Tanah Lot. Located by a black sand beach and surrounded by a large padi field, it offers a beautiful sunset (on clear days) and the tranquility for those who yearn for it. No noisy kids running around, no nosy butlers that ring your villa a few times a day. Coupled with lots of delicious cuisine and a relaxing spa that awaits within the resort. Just a quiet do-nothing retreat, if thats what you yearn for.

Delicious indonesian cuisine for stay-ins
Delicious indonesian cuisine for stay-ins

I had booked a vacation through the same travel agent this time for yet another “Two Faces” experience. This time round, the package comes with two nights stay each at Soori and at Uluwatu, the more “premium” resort located at the southern tip of Bali. I am looking forward to my visit to Uluwatu, especially when I have read all the rave reviews about its resort and its breath taking view up on the limestone cliffs.

Definitely looking forward to my stay at Alila!