Happy 2016!

I had taken a long break from blogging. In most part it was due to the stressful and heavy workload that came with my new promotion at the beginning of 2015; which left me pretty much drained on weekends and badly need to have some sleep time to recharge. The other part was due to my house hunting endeavour which, hurray! It finally paid off! I managed to secure a resale flat near our workplace which will enable me to beat all the morning traffic jams and buy me more sleep time to compensate for the long work hours.

I thank you for reading my posts although the posts were not as as regular. Knowing that my posts are followed and are useful references to help you decide whether or not to use or purchase the product matters a lot to me.  It drives me to be a responsible reviewer/blogger.  My future posts may continue to be less regular as we embark on this long process to complete the purchase transactions, planning for renovations and prepare to move into our new home. Whenever I can, I will continue to share with you my reviews and occasional thoughts about what’s happening in my life.

My best wishes for you in this New Year will be good health and lots of laughter in the new year!

Till I post again, take care!