Lush – Sea Salt Shampoo and American Cream

Lush Sea Salt and American Cream.jpgSeriously, how can anyone not love Lush products?  After the positive experience with Mask of Magnamity, I walked into Lush again two weeks ago, asking to try out another of their star product. This time, for my hair.  I have oily scalp so I was recommended the popular Sea Salt Shampoo. The sales person also recommended me a hydrating conditioner for my hair ends lest the sea salt dries my hair fibres.

About the Products

I will not delve too much into the ingredients. You can refer to the picture in this post for the list. The Sea Salt Shampoo is self-preserving but I realised that it contained SLS. Yup, I have cut out SLS from my shampoos, but since this product is only used once or twice a week, I figured my body chemistry can handle it. 😀 The American Cream, according to the sale person, is a hydrating conditioner that leaves a sweet scent in your hair hours after you’ve used it. Don’t believe?

Using the Product

I wet my mid length hair thoroughly (and I mean really wet) before I scoop out, with my 3 fingers, a big dollup of the Sea Salt Shampoo. Okay, here’s the tricky part – its all coarse salt mixed with all other liquid ingredients. Its a dense mix – seriously. So I slap on the mixture onto the crown of my head, and slowly distribute the product to my entire scalp (I tuck them under my hair strands bit by bit). Then I’ll gently massage the product (lightly okay.. just to gently have the product get onto to the scalp) and I noticed that the salt crystals gradually dissolve. I focus more on the areas where my scalp feels oily. After massaging for about 2-3 minutes, I ran my hair under water and gently shake out the salt (beware- your bathroom floor will be covered with salt crystals that has not dissolved, but its fine. Salt is good for rough skin on my feet, I reckon); while combing my fingers through my hair and feeling around my scalp in case any salt crystals choose to stay on my scalp.

Once that is done, I will gather my wet strands, and pour a teaspoon of the American Cream and start to coat them on my hair strands. I stay away from the scalp coz I don’t want to clog them. Leave them on for about 30 secs to a minute before I rinse them all out.

I didn’t like the American Cream scent when they are on my hair initially, but once I dry my strands (hand dry with a fan, not blown dry), I can smell sweet whiffs coming out from them… OOOOOHHHHH!!!  Love them! Best of all, when I wake up the next morning, the scent stayed on and didn’t go away until I start to perspire in the tropical sun. That is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G! The Sea Salt did wonders to enliven my hair. I didn’t get big hair but my hair strands do feel lighter (my scalp too, its like its gone through some detox session). The comb ran through the hair alot easier too!

Where to Buy the Product

Any Lush outlets or their online stores! I notice that Lush Singapore has an online store too!

Will I restock this? Absolutely!!


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