Salcura – Topida Intimate Hygiene Spray


More than 5 years ago I was diagnosed by my doctor that the skin in my intimate area is prone folliculitis and other inflammatory conditions. This gives rise to swelling, itchiness, edema (in severe cases) etc. It didn’t help when I also have a very desk bound job that inhibits air circulation. During severe inflammatory conditions, my doctor will prescribe me with antiseptic wash and antibiotics. Several years later, a probiotic foam wash (which I will share in separate blog) from Taiwan that could help regulate the bacteria in intimate areas to help maintain its health. However, this probiotic product line could not address swelling and itchiness aside from the antibiotics that my doctor would prescribe. As such I found Salcura Topida Intimate Hygiene Spray, a product I found from UK that does not contain steroids, hormones, cortisons, peroxides, alcohol, parabens and antibiotics. This product is also not tested on animals.

About Salcura
From their website, “Salcura was originally developed in the 1990’s by German bio-scientist, Dr Martin Schiele, to treat the skin problems of factory workers handling chemicals. Dr Schiele’s unique combination of natural ingredients proved highly effective in soothing difficult to treat skin complaints. Over a decade later of research and improvement, his blend of ingredients launched as ‘Salcura’ – a range of products offering relief for those wanting an effective, natural alternative to chemical based products.”

About Salcura Topida Intimate Hygiene Spray

Salcura has many products ranges for selected skin conditions. The Topida “has been specifically formulated to soothe, cool and calm by creating a healthy microbial balance on the affected areas. This effective, quick acting solution balances the pH levels and essential nutrients help maintain skin cells and mucosa in a viable and healthy condition. The ingredients have been carefully chosen to provide all the nutrients for skin hygiene and comfort.”  It contains Australian Sandalwood Oil, Cinnamon Oil, English Lavendar Essential Oil, Fennel Oil, Garlic Oil, Manuka Essential Oil, Neroli Essential Oil, Olive Fruit Oil, Paperbark Tea Tree Oil, Peppermint Essential Oil and Thyme Oil. This natural concoction helps to provide a cooling and antiseptic treatment for cases of itchiness, soreness, thrush, etc. However, one may feel slightly stingy when sprayed on the sensitive and inflammed / itchy skin followed by a cooling sensation.

It was also mentioned on Salcura website that Topida is safe for those who are pregnant or are breast feeding. Now that’s good news!

How to Use the Product (from my experience)

This product should only be used in mild condition – ie your itchiness or soreness should clear up in 1-2 days. Otherwise, you should quickly consult your gynaecologist or trusted family doctor to prescribe you with the appropriate drug. I usually use this when I feel slightly dry (indication of potential inflammation to come) or dull soreness / itch. It does give quite a lot of relieve and help to prevent further aggravation of the condition. Couple with the Taiwan probiotic intimate foam wash, I managed to stay away from the doctors’ clinic for about a year – without antibiotics or anti-inflammatory drugs. However, this can only be done if you are constantly aware of and are monitoring your condition regularly.

Users are advised to shake the bottle before spraying the product just so that the oils will be well mixed together before application. Follow the instructions on the box and monitor your condition closely. Personal hygiene is also important. If you have tendencies to wear pantyliners, you should replace your pantyliners with those that allows better ventilation (cotton ones are the best) and change them regularly (ie everytime you visit the washroom) to ensure your skin comes in touch with clean liners all the time.

Where to Buy the Product

I can’t find Salcura products in Singapore recently so I had to order online. You can try the following websites to order:

1) From Feelunique. They have limited range of Salcura but I have ordered the Topida from there.

2) From Salcura Official Website. They carry the entire range of Salcura products and they ship everywhere. I have not tried ordering from them yet.

If you have similar conditions as me, do check out the above product, and share with me your experiences! Do also let me know where else this product can be purchased in your country! 🙂

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