Albion – Exage Moist Crystal Milk II & Herbal Oil Gold

Image  Albion Herbal Oil Gold (crop)

I have mentioned in my earlier post that I would like to try out the Albion Exage Herbal Oil Gold. I finally got a sample from one of my purchases and have been using it for almost 3 weeks! In addition, the sales lady was nice to give me a bottle of Exage Moist Crystal Milk II to complete the skincare steps. Before I start with my review, let me share with you my skincare steps:

The Steps

After drying the cleansed face, put 2-3 drops of Albion Herbal Oil Gold onto the palm of a hand. Gently  rub both hands together to spread  the product for easy application on your face. Place one hand on your forehead and another on your chin to apply the product on your chin and forehead, followed by applying the remaining product on both your cheeks, starting from your nose to your ears. Then with both hands, massage to spread the product on your face. Spread the product upwards when you come to your cheeks. Make sure you have massaged the products into your skin. If you find the product too oily, blot gently with a clean tissue paper before moving on to the next step. Then pump about a 10 cent coin size of the Exage Moist Crystal Milk II (for combination skin) on either a clean cotton pad (this is the usual recommendation from the counter). Dab the milk on your forehead, nose, cheeks and chin and spread evenly in light circular motion using the cotton to make sure the product is evenly distributed and absorbed. The left over milk can  be applied on your knees, elbows,  etc for hydration. Next, wet a clean cotton pad with the Albion Skin Conditioner. Lightly apply the conditioner on your skin (if you have sensitive skin, just pat the cotton very lightly on your face to make sure  the Skin Conditioner has been applied on your entire face). You can wipe the cotton pad on your neck after you are done with your face. Then, discard the cotton pad, and gently pad the excess conditioner on your face (sensitive skin – just press gently to help the conditioner absorb into your skin). Apply your own skincare serum or moisturizer to seal in the moisture.

Exage Moist Crystal Milk II

The Exage Moist Crystal Milk II is a non-greasy, lightweight milk lotion that helps to moisturize your skin before you toned it with the Skin Conditioner. Initially I thought it will give me outbreaks but I realise its not the case, if I had made sure the product is evenly applied on my skin without excess left on my skin. It is very gentle, and I thought it works for me in humid environment. The lotion also helped to moisturize a rough patch on my knee, a scab from abrasion, so that the scab will fall out gradually. The milk has a very nice floral (?) scent that is calming, and I like the scent. The sale person may recommend that you put the milk on a clean cotton pad, but I always felt that the product may be wasted (cotton absorb the milk) so I just pour it on my hand. Otherwise, applying with cotton pad might be easier to apply (spreads better) on the face.

Albion Herbal Oil Gold

I am a firm believer that the oilier your face, the more you should be using oils to keep your skin hydrated. The Herbal Oil is quickly absorbed into the skin when you use it as the first step after you have dried your face. However it is important (as with all oils) that you make sure you have spread out all the oils to avoid clogging your pores (depending on what type of oils you use). So far, the oils that I have blogged about doesnt clog the pores and are rather comfortable to use. The Oil is very light and thin (not those thick ones that feels more like cooking oil) and comes with a very calming scent that goes well with the milk mentioned above. You should avoid having the oils near your eyes (just in case you get milia seeds coz the skin around the eye is very sensitive and thin). Originally I thought I must tone the face with Skin Conditioner before I apply the Herbal Oil but was quickly corrected by the sale person at Albion counter that the Herbal Oil should come first. She was right! 🙂

Because of the positive experience, I have bought a bottle of Albion Herbal Oil Gold.  Exage Moist Crystal Milk II is now on my wish list! 😀

Before signing off…

I noticed that my skin has improved significantly since I switch to using oils from Decleor and Albion. This made me conclude that my acne was not just triggered by hormonal imbalance, but also from lack of moisture / poor hydration. I will try to blog more about how to take care of acne prone skin when I find more time, but for now I hope the products that I have recommended here are useful to all of you.

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