Jurlique – Calendula Lotion


This lotion is made of natural extracts of Calendula flowers. The company Jurlique has its own plantation in South Australia that grows the natural ingredients it uses to manufacture its products.

The lotion is a light yellow liquid that smells heavily of calendula (I always thought the scent is similar to dried chrysanthemum flowers that asians use to make cooling teas). Instructions have stated that we should put a few drops onto a moist cotton pad before applying the product on the face. I have tried both methods – ie put a few drops on my regular toner and using it neat.

When I put a dew drops on my toner, I get the cooling effect from my refreshing toner and the diluted calendula lotion on my face. I have adult cystic acne from time to time so this method is not as effective for me, esp when I live in humid country.  I realise thay the diluted calendula ia good to calm the light redness of the skin ard the acne but not bring down the redness from the acne or treat the acne.

So I tried using it neat – ie drop some on dry cotton pad after I have applied toner on my face. U will end up using more drops but I realise that it works well to calm onset of acne when the acne is just surfacing. Press the cotton pad over the acne area for about 3 to 5 seconds before applying ur usual skin care moisturizer. The next morning I find my acne to be less red.

Cost of this bottle is about SGD60 amd I only use it when I have acne. I find it cheaper to buy in Adelaide or Australia since its their local product.

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