Estee Lauder – Advanced Night Repair Eye Serum


This is a product for any beauty junkie or anyone who wants to try out light serums in place of the heavy eye creams. Personally, I am not sure of the effectiveness of eye gels, and I am definitely not a supporter of eye creams considering the humid climate that I am in. What I am truely “afraid” of are little oil nodules collecting under my eyes – eww!

I started using this product more regularly when my beautician commented that she’s beginning to see lines under my going 40-year-old eyes. That spun me into panic mode and I began to apply this on slightly more regular basis (say once every 2 to 3 days – note:Β  I do not have a habit of putting on eye creams or gels).

This serum is light (yup thats what serums are supposed to be) and the colour of the serum is a light beige in colour. The texture is slightly creamy but light. It glides on my eyes when I apply it with my ring fingers. Living in humid country means the serum will stay on the eyes a tad longer than if I am in a temperate or low humidity country. The sales lady has told me before that if its for hot and humid countries, the serum could just be the right product to use for my eyes – so here goes. I will typically just go lightly over the sections where serum has been applied, and finish the application by putting my warm palms over the eyes (ahhh… feels comforting!)

I am not able to tell if it has been effective with reducing the visible lines under my eyes. I am hoping that my beautician, who with her more objective eyes, could tell me if the lines have disappeared. :p However, given the reputation of its facial lotion and eye cream, I am putting my buck on this product together with a lot of faith! πŸ˜€

Fingers crossed!

Update on 3 Jan 2014

From my recent visit to my beautician, she discovered that I’ve developed some milia seeds under my eyes. I am not sure if its because I have been using the eye serum so I googled the internet and discovered that there are other users of this product who also complained that they had developed milia seeds under their eyes as well. Though not conclusive, I have chosen to stop using this serum. Perhaps its just not suitable for use in humid environment and perhaps the product is still too rich for my skin. Let me know if anyone of you have used and had fabulous results! πŸ™‚


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