Ramblings – Fate. Life. Beauty.

Play Olivia Ong – You and Me

Source: Youtube

Heard this song from the soundtrack of a local production, Sudden. Its a story about two lawyers who’d met, fell in love and was about to get married. In a twist of events, the groom was paralysed in a car accident, and more tragedy follows. The bride stayed by her love but as fate would have it, she herself suffered from Alzheimers.

Fate. Life. I begin to wonder if its the imperfections that creates beauty. Beauty is also an imperfection on its own. So does it mean that we humans love imperfection because of we are imperfect? Fate creates the imperfection. Life is a series of fate driven events pulled together. Beauty is what we imperfect beings choose to see and believe from the life that we’ve experienced. Beautiful life – how can it be perfect? If its perfect, then is it because of its rarity?

I do not know. πŸ™‚


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