Albion Skin Conditioner


Albion Skin Conditioner is an established brand.   I am not sure if this is sold outside asia, but this was brought into Singapore less than 1 year ago. A very popular skin toner / conditioner, this bottle has proven to be as effective as SK-II in its own way.

Skin Conditioner (aka Skin-Con) contains job’s tears and promises to deliver 6 effects (extracted from its website):
– Adds firmness and moisture to skin that tends to dryness
– Wards of flushness after sunburn or snowburn (I think it means reduce redness)
– Cool sensation wards off flushness (again, I think it means reduce redness)
– Tightens the skin / keeps makeup in place
– Comfortably hydrates, so skin feels fresh and pleasant (I think it means hydrates the skin making it feel fresh and comfortable)

I had used bottles after bottles of SK-II Facial Treatment previously to help bring down the redness on my skin (I swear it worked wonders on bringing down redness but I will talk about it in another  review); but what drew me to this product is firstly, the scent – it was light and fresh. Second, it is the texture of the lotion – no sticky feeling after use (do not be fooled by the milky lotion!). Third, it will be the cool refreshing feeling it gives when it is put on my skin. Last, the after effects – my skin feels moisturized and smooth after application. Makes me believe that my skin condition isn’t as bad after all! 😀

Albion Skin Conditioner comes in sheet mask (more concentrated) for those who like to put on masks as part of skin care routine. I usually get them as samples as part of my purchase from Albion. I would usually DIY by soaking a cotton sheet mask pellet into the lotion and put on my face for 10mins, or to use cotton pads (those that allows you to divide into thin sheets – maybe I should do a review of what I use in another post) and lay them on my face.

Albion Skin Conditioner can  be used on its own, just like SK-II Facial Treatment Essence. I have not used their other product range, though I would love to try out their Albion Herbal Oil (its on my wish list!) since I am a proponent for using oil on oil (ie oils on combination skin or oily skin). Would love to give a review on their Herbal Oil!

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