Laura Mercier – Foundation Primer & Tinted Moisturizer (Oil Free)


Those of you out there who have been shopping in Sephora will know that the Laura Mercier Foundation Primer is the best selling primer. For a lighter version of liquid foundation, the tinted moisturizer will be recommended. I have combination skin so on days where my skin is not too inflamed, I will use the tinted moisturizer coz it does not provide a lot of coverage.

Foundation Primer
I have used the primer for a while. This is the oil free version so it feels fresh and light on the skin. The primer is in creamy white colour and one may on first instance thought they are putting cream on their faces. Fear not! For troubled skin like mine, I dont even get outbreaks. So this is a plus!!

My assessment of the product is this:
1. Very good foundation holding power! whether you are using liquid foundation like tinted moisturizers, just foundation, powder foundation or like me, using pure mineral foundation; you will love how well this foundation holds them on your face and lasts for hours!
2. Cream like texture makes it easy to apply with hand or with a sponge. Glides on like silk!
3. Comes in long tubes so gotta make sure you had closed well. Do not throw it into your bag without first putting into your makeup pouch. The cap may come of when it knocks against other items in your handbag.

Tinted Moisturizer SPF20 (Oil Free)
I thought I could use hand to apply this and that will be all. However when I do that, I realise that my skin is cakey and looks oily or shiny.

I consulted one of the Sephora staff and her advise was : use a sponge to spread or apply the tinted moisturizer in dabbing movement. Press the sponge lightly on the skin with two fingers behind the spongeand turn your wrist to roll the sponge off the point you first placed on your face, as if you are dabbing off excess on your face. Indeed the look is more natural as if I am not wearing anything on my face! This must be followed by either translucent loose powder? Or in my case, Laura Mercier Smooth Focus Pressed Setting Powder which is matt and translucent. This will turn the tinted moisturizer to look powdery and soft.

My assessment:
1. Tinted moisturizer is indeed light as promised. Not too thick so its a good option for those with minimal blemishes on the face. Gives a natural look!
2. It comes on long tubes too so remember to put it in you makeup purse with your sponge before throwing into your bag.

If you are always on the run, I would recommend powder foundation instead of liquid foundation. Liquid foundations such as tinted moisturizers can be difficult to apply for beginners plus you need to use a sponge. So busy bees out there, stick to powder unless you have oily skin. Else these two products from Laura Mercier are great for a natural look!

Estee Lauder – Advanced Night Repair Eye Serum


This is a product for any beauty junkie or anyone who wants to try out light serums in place of the heavy eye creams. Personally, I am not sure of the effectiveness of eye gels, and I am definitely not a supporter of eye creams considering the humid climate that I am in. What I am truely “afraid” of are little oil nodules collecting under my eyes – eww!

I started using this product more regularly when my beautician commented that she’s beginning to see lines under my going 40-year-old eyes. That spun me into panic mode and I began to apply this on slightly more regular basis (say once every 2 to 3 days – note:  I do not have a habit of putting on eye creams or gels).

This serum is light (yup thats what serums are supposed to be) and the colour of the serum is a light beige in colour. The texture is slightly creamy but light. It glides on my eyes when I apply it with my ring fingers. Living in humid country means the serum will stay on the eyes a tad longer than if I am in a temperate or low humidity country. The sales lady has told me before that if its for hot and humid countries, the serum could just be the right product to use for my eyes – so here goes. I will typically just go lightly over the sections where serum has been applied, and finish the application by putting my warm palms over the eyes (ahhh… feels comforting!)

I am not able to tell if it has been effective with reducing the visible lines under my eyes. I am hoping that my beautician, who with her more objective eyes, could tell me if the lines have disappeared. :p However, given the reputation of its facial lotion and eye cream, I am putting my buck on this product together with a lot of faith! 😀

Fingers crossed!

Update on 3 Jan 2014

From my recent visit to my beautician, she discovered that I’ve developed some milia seeds under my eyes. I am not sure if its because I have been using the eye serum so I googled the internet and discovered that there are other users of this product who also complained that they had developed milia seeds under their eyes as well. Though not conclusive, I have chosen to stop using this serum. Perhaps its just not suitable for use in humid environment and perhaps the product is still too rich for my skin. Let me know if anyone of you have used and had fabulous results! 🙂

Ramblings – Fate. Life. Beauty.

Play Olivia Ong – You and Me

Source: Youtube

Heard this song from the soundtrack of a local production, Sudden. Its a story about two lawyers who’d met, fell in love and was about to get married. In a twist of events, the groom was paralysed in a car accident, and more tragedy follows. The bride stayed by her love but as fate would have it, she herself suffered from Alzheimers.

Fate. Life. I begin to wonder if its the imperfections that creates beauty. Beauty is also an imperfection on its own. So does it mean that we humans love imperfection because of we are imperfect? Fate creates the imperfection. Life is a series of fate driven events pulled together. Beauty is what we imperfect beings choose to see and believe from the life that we’ve experienced. Beautiful life – how can it be perfect? If its perfect, then is it because of its rarity?

I do not know. 🙂

Albion Skin Conditioner


Albion Skin Conditioner is an established brand.   I am not sure if this is sold outside asia, but this was brought into Singapore less than 1 year ago. A very popular skin toner / conditioner, this bottle has proven to be as effective as SK-II in its own way.

Skin Conditioner (aka Skin-Con) contains job’s tears and promises to deliver 6 effects (extracted from its website):
– Adds firmness and moisture to skin that tends to dryness
– Wards of flushness after sunburn or snowburn (I think it means reduce redness)
– Cool sensation wards off flushness (again, I think it means reduce redness)
– Tightens the skin / keeps makeup in place
– Comfortably hydrates, so skin feels fresh and pleasant (I think it means hydrates the skin making it feel fresh and comfortable)

I had used bottles after bottles of SK-II Facial Treatment previously to help bring down the redness on my skin (I swear it worked wonders on bringing down redness but I will talk about it in another  review); but what drew me to this product is firstly, the scent – it was light and fresh. Second, it is the texture of the lotion – no sticky feeling after use (do not be fooled by the milky lotion!). Third, it will be the cool refreshing feeling it gives when it is put on my skin. Last, the after effects – my skin feels moisturized and smooth after application. Makes me believe that my skin condition isn’t as bad after all! 😀

Albion Skin Conditioner comes in sheet mask (more concentrated) for those who like to put on masks as part of skin care routine. I usually get them as samples as part of my purchase from Albion. I would usually DIY by soaking a cotton sheet mask pellet into the lotion and put on my face for 10mins, or to use cotton pads (those that allows you to divide into thin sheets – maybe I should do a review of what I use in another post) and lay them on my face.

Albion Skin Conditioner can  be used on its own, just like SK-II Facial Treatment Essence. I have not used their other product range, though I would love to try out their Albion Herbal Oil (its on my wish list!) since I am a proponent for using oil on oil (ie oils on combination skin or oily skin). Would love to give a review on their Herbal Oil!

Decleor – Aromaessence Ylang Ylang


I was introduced to facial oils by my beautician who had been with me for the last 3 years. I have combination skin and am always in the company of adult acne. When mu beautician firs handed me a small bottle of facial oil from italy, I noticed that it does not help to bring down redness on my skin, though the texture of the oil was watery with minty scent and of my liking. So I embark on the journey tp find the facial oil that worked with my skin.

After much search on the internet, I went on to purchase Decleor Aromaessence Ylang Ylang. I also bought the Aroma Purete Shine Control Oxygenating Fluid coz the sales lady said these two are the best combination.

Having tried a number of italian, french and japanese products, I must admit this is probably one of my star purchases. I noticed that the acne on my chin started to subside (I can finally see my chin free of acne) and the redness has started to be less visible. The scent of Ylang Ylang is mesmerizing and relaxes me. I also followed the video on Decleor website on how to apply the serum. Loved it! You can sew that I am nearing the end of my bottle so am definitely going to stock this up!

Aqualabel Fresh Balancing Mist


Refreshing and slightly cooling – this is every girl’s best friend on a hot summer day. Aqualabel, the off-the-rack product line by cosmetic product giant, Shiseido, launched this floral scented mist at least 6 months ago. It promises to bring down the skin temperature after being exposed to the sun for some time, yet at the same time injects moisture back into the skin.

I am a close follower of Shiseido products and I truely love this mist. Besides Hadasui mist, this is the next item I would recommend to amyone looking for a mist with a twist. It works really well for someone like me who works in a tropical country with high humidity, and has combination skin. It refreshes and moisturizes my skin while leaving a light fresh floral scent. I feel invigorated after each use!

This product is available in Taiwan – thats where I ordered it. Never looked back. Thumbs up!

Nuxe – Huile Prodigieuse


I like this oil. It is watery and absorbs quickly into the skin esp after shower. I have not used it on hair ends or face as what was suggested on the bottle but I think its a wonderful product. Best part, a 50ml lasts a long time, cos you don’t need to use a lot of it to moisturize your skin. This oil smells of sweet almond, so if you like almond in your perfumes, this is the product for you.

The only drawback is how you dispense the oil. The 100ml comes in a spray but the 50ml requires you to pour the oil out from the top. That said I still like it! I even stocked a few bottles at home!

Freshly pressed – my first blog

I had wanted to set up a blog to share my thoughts about things that interest me – just like anyone else – but I had never went past the point of setting up a blog because I could not find the right word to call it. Today I came across a word – vignette – and I thought – hey I can call mine that! So I did. The rest is history. Here I am. I am not a regular blogger who sits before my laptop all day tapping away while the thoughts flow. I have a day job, and I will need to make adjustments to accommodate this new project of mine. So bear with me if you don’t hear from me as often as everyone else. I’ll be back with more posts about some of the interesting things (well I thought its interesting) that I’ve been expending my energies on.